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Randor the Red

July 26, 2013

Visit to the Red Planet

Hiya Smashers!

Last week I made a trip to my home world... The Red Planet! 
Everything there is red, this time of year leaves on trees and even the grass 
has a red tint to it due to the twin red moons being closer to the 
home world. Now I am recharged and back at work making the game I love, 

Been a crazy week of playing catchup and dealing with a few surprises. 
Beginning of the week we focus on re-tweaking the super outfits and new 
artist training. Filling out reports and reviewing a ton of emails.

This week we are adding the missing CC items for Freedom Day which will be 
gone soon. Next week all out of date seasonal maps will be removed as we 
start adding Movie Plex and summer shop items.

Big projects ahead! In development is a new zone, the 'Mega arena' being built, 
and plans on revamping the Fairgrounds into a permanent amusement park with 
quests. Question: How should we change Friday 13th, Freedom day and 
PumpCON to work better with the new Fairgrounds?

Keep an eye out as the Freedom Day shop is getting updated as I write this!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Randor the Red

July 12, 2013


As our long time players know, seasonal and event rare items have year 
tags on them ('11, '12, '13, etc.). Meaning they can return or disappear 
at any time and be replaced with a newer version. Tags help rare 
collectors to prove when they got that item and to compare changes in 
each version. So what happens when a regular appearing item gets replaced? 
This is where Prototypes come in, when we decide to update artwork and add 
CC versions to shops the old ones will be renamed as 'Prototype' and be 
labelled RARE! Case in point is this Freedom day shop we updated the 
Canuck Crusadar art and made a CC versions (along with gun mode 
corrections) to the Bottle Rocket Launcher while leaving the originals (bugs 
and all) intact (this will only affect new changed items only).

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