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Randor the Red

December 05, 2012

Yergen's Birthday Event!

This week Yergen celebrates his Birthday! Little late but atleast its here. I had to merge the old map to the new one, also worked the speech bubble into the Npc animation. Now working on the old bugs in the Subway and will be adding the phone booth to it (work in progress).

Yergen and the art team create some fun stuff this year, hope you all enjoy! Also Birthdays will be Event not Seasonal when being tagged. Rules for Events items/rares are the same as Seasonal items/rares. The old merge items were label as Smash Coin items, that has been corrected as merge items are bought with Yellow Tickets not SC. Wonderp Bread Birthday shop leaving this Friday.

Tags: Randor the Red Yergen Birthday Wonderp Bread Birthday

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