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July 01, 2011

Fourth of July (and Canada Day) come to HeroSmash

There is a new fair at the fairgrounds. It’s for the 4th of July, and Canada Day! Visit the Fairgrounds and see a special Visit the fairgrounds and meet Skew, our latest player NPC. It appears that the chudlings have a fondness for gunpowder. It makes them hungry. Who knew? Well anyhow, Skew needs your help, or else there will be no fireworks extravaganza. This release features 3 new missions, and 16 new holiday themed items!

So get your liberty on, and get ready to smash up some chudlings and watch some fireworks. Ahhh, that sounds like a great 4th of July!

Skew? Who's Skew

Skew is a HeroSmash player who was picked out of 25 total players that met the right requirements. Good job Skew!

Tags: Yergen Holiday Polyamide

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