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November 11, 2011


After a long day of work yesterday (November 10), at the end of the day we encounter the gray screen of injustice (I just gave it that name). The gray screen of injustice was happening to everyone that join the queue for pvp and then enter a map. This was really beating me down since we had been testing all day and this bug never occurred before, but of course came release time and the ninja bug had to show up. After a long battle with my foe the gray screen ninja bug, I decided to get some rest and find a new strategy to defeat it. So after a good night sleep I woke up refresh this morning with energy to start battle again and with a temporary solution to fix the problem. Then while trying to implement my solution I finally got the right skills to finish the gray screen ninja bug once and for all! I found out that an old implemented code was the source of the problem and that I could do an easy fix to solve it and so I did! So now the gray screen ninja bug has been defeated and I can move on to smashing the rest of the clan (wish me luck!) So now onward and SMASH ON!

Tags: Llussion

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