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Randor the Red

October 31, 2013

PumpCON and AS Boo!

For the past week I have been under the weather (flu and cold season), but am working the best I can to get PumpCON updated and working. Last year, we removed the PumpCON badge code due to an error. This year, I was learning more about what causing our major bugs. We use Flash making software that keeps changing with each new version. Since HeroSmash was created, I have seen and used five versions of the software. The newest versions use AS3 (Action Script), but HS was originally AS2. Before I can replace and update the old AS2 to AS3, I have to learn more. That being said, Dumoose helped update the AS for the PumpCON badge to work. The new code does work, but it is still missing a few things. I really want to make it work better so we can get more badges up and running for events and bosses.

There was a mix up with the pricing on one of the PumpCON items, but that is now corrected.

Now that I'm feeling better, I will be working through the week to add the rest of the items the team sent in.

Question: What do Super-powered people wear during PumpCON?

As always, have a safe and fun night!

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