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September 23, 2011

A Tempting Suggestion

The Lava Temptation Armor and Helm set has been added to the DTU Kiosks!

Check out the latest player suggested items, inspired by your fellow player IRRESISTIBLE!

hot hot hot lava tempataion

The Lava Temptation Armor is as irresistible as it looks, available at the HeroSpire and SkullDeep Kiosks for 45 DTS. Top off your fiery new look with the Lava Temptation Helm for a mere 20 more. Only Heroes and Villains who have reached Level 8 or higher may equip this super hot item set!


The first “chapter” of Story Zero will be launching today! This is the first part of a 5 part zone that will see expansions every week (well, that’s what we’re hoping for. Crosses fingers!).  A bigger, better, and pinker design notes post will come later today that explains it all!   

Hang on and Smash ON!

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