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Randor the Red

February 15, 2012

Shop Updates!

At Midnight tonight Eastern Standard Time the Random Shop will have a few more items added to its database... But this time one item will be RARE! thats right for one day only in the Random Shop you can get the Broadblade-Sai! Founders get it NOW! (Plus Founder version is CC). The Founder version is perm where as the Random Shop one is only for one day and then gone forever!

FACT The Broad-Sai was one of the first weapons I made for Herosmash when it was started (That why HS Founders are getting it) and its based on a real life one made by my brother and is hanging on my office wall! :)

NEW! Shop updated so time is counting down!

NEW! Less than 12 hours before the Broadblade-Sai is gone forever form the Random Shop!

NEW! Broadblade-Sai (Non-Founder) now RARE! (No longer available for purchase)

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