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Randor the Red

August 14, 2013

Back to the... Drawing Board!

As with Beta anything can and will happen, especially with bugs. To help get rid of some the bugs, we are planning on some changes to the Smashdome. For months now the team have been designing new arenas where players can face bosses at extreme difficulty for new type of rep points 'Honor'! Higher the honor you gain the better the prizes you can claim. Three new arenas have been designed and are ready to be turned into maps. Good and Evil arenas for normal players while the Mega Arena will be members only.

Mega Arena where you face titan size monsters!

The Mega Arena was built into an asteroid in space and entered via the teleport which will be going into the soon to be revised Smashdome. PvP will remain, but battle polls will be removed (but a shop with BP item will remain). The top 5 'all time' score holders will become Player NPC's in Smashdome.

As testing has shown in Marketstreet, the Gremlins have a crazy bug where, at random, it makes them invincible for a random amount of time. We are doing our best to track down the bug so it does not happen again (especially to Mega Bosses!). Popcorn drops will become a quest item, but for now, during the testin' phaze they can be traded in for rare movie plex gear (a few more will be added next week). Then the Blockbuster Event will be permanently replaced with Blockbuster 5D (You may already have seen the movie before buying the ticket and seen movie before it's made, while seeing a dozen movies multiple times! - 5D!). The Candy shop will remain and a new one to be added, the 'Cosplay Shop', where we will add winning movie items (based on the monthly forum poll) to it.

As the art is coming together, I am now am extremely focused on picking the winner for the writing contest, so expect a winner very soon!

One last thing we will have more HeroMart in-game items coming soon!

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