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Randor the Red

May 23, 2013

A New Direction

Hiya Smashers!

This week we updated the Cinco de Mayo shop with the updated Cinco De Mayo outfit (and have added a CC Version). Next update will include weapons and Memorial Day items, and then after that, I will be ending the 5 weeks of the Cinco de Mayo shop with special items I have personally made in the past year that have not yet been released (I have been saving them for a special occasion!)

Also this week I was promoted from Creative Lead to Project Lead (Yergen is still Game Lead). This will lead to new resources and a little more power in decision making. One decision I have made is to begin a revision of Fame and Smashcoins items and pricing; currently we have non-member gear (non-CC), member gear (CC - color customizable) and Smashcoin Items (partially CC, more likely animated). This has caused a lot of issues for the art team and has also made members feel they are not getting what theydeserve. Smashcoin items do not count towards bank space as the Smashcoins are actually paying for the space (Like buying extra bank/inventory space) for those items. So the planned changes once finalized and approved will hopefully make everyone much happier!

We will be making only two versions of items, Normal and Special versions. Normal will as always be basic non-CC items, while Special (CC, Animated and click-able options) will come in two pricing options (Fame and Smashcoins). The Smashcoin option will continue to take up no bank space. This will allow artists to just make two versions instead of three of each item, giving them more time to finish projects sooner. Members and Smashcoin spenders get the same items, but Smashcoin versions have the following advantages - Do not take up bank space and even if you are not a member it is still CC gear. Before this happens (will only affect new items once they have been approved) we need to work out the value of Fame to Smashcoins as we want to start making gear scale much more fairly in Fame price, but also at a fair rate for Smashcoin versions. A lot of players
have banked up Fame and many love to farm - we want all of you to be happy playing HeroSmash, so expect new ideas and changes (remember we still in Beta!)

New Battle Poll is up - Wonderp Bread will make a Wolf or Unicorn head based which side wins!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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