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Who wants to be a SUPER NPC?

This contest is still on-going and has no end date in sight. But we are changing how often we will pick the winners. Instead of choosing a handful of winners at the end of each month, we will choose one every week. One new player NPCs will be put in game every Friday, starting May 13th, 2011.

What to do:

  1. Make a video of yourself (or a gullible friend)!
    • You must be in costume (it can be made of ANYTHING!)
    • You must be acting as a super villain or hero
    • Tell us why you should be an NPC!
      Tell us what your character does. A hero? A shop keeper? A spy? A trainer? A quest

  2. Post your video on YouTube with "I hereby submit <YOUR HEROSMASH NAME> to Artix
    Entertainment to be a permanent NPC in HeroSmash!" in the description.

  3. Link us your video on the FORUMS! (You must have your video public or unlisted so that everyone can view your link)

What you should include in your post:

  • Link to your YouTube video
  • HeroSmash character name (please make sure this is spelled correctly, otherwise we might make a character of someone else by mistake)
  • Is your character Good or Evil?

Note: Please make sure your HeroSmash email is accurate. If it is wrong, we won’t be able to contact you about your prizes! To check your registered email, go to > My Account > Confirm Email.


Be safe and have fun!

We want you to be outrageous and have fun, but safety comes first. Do you remember when Artix deducted 5,000 AC from the player who entered a flaming pumpkin in one of the contests? Don’t be that player. All video entries must be under 3 minutes long and G-rated (no nudity, no violence, no inappropriate language, no drug use, and no references to drugs). Also, do not post your real life name or email.Keep all of your personal information private and secret. Also beware of scammers. Artix Entertainment staff members will NEVER ask you for your password, email address, or send you to a non-Artix Entertainment website. Winners will be contacted using the email they used to create their account (make sure yours is accurate!) from an official email address.


Winners will receive: One deck of AdventureQuest Worlds Anything Goes BattleOn Battle Cards and have their character immortalized as an NPC in HeroSmash’s Super City.

Note: We ask that the winners please keep their videos active on Youtube.

Enter Your Video


Q: How many winners will there be:
A: One every Monday! (This contest is still going on... and will be on-going… )

Q: What can I become from this contest?
A: A quest giver, shopkeeper, spy, trainer…

Q: How do I become the major hero/villain of the game?
A: This is being done through a super-secret in-game selection process. Having a video can greatly increase your chances, but it is possible to achieve this just by playing.

Q: Does your NPC have to look like what you are wearing?
A: No. If you describe to us what you want to look like… Yergen can (*coughs* may…. *coughs*) draw your final NPC that way. But you know artists… they are unpredictable!

Q: Is running on rooftops dangerous?
A: YES. Do you know the 3-foot rule? Well, we signed up for insurance to make movies and the insurance states that we are not allowed to be in any situation where we could fall more than 3 feet. So you should follow the 3ft rule too! (Poor Titan… at 6’ 7” in real life, we are apparently not legally able to let him bend over.)

Q: Can I submit in-game footage instead?
A: Yes, but to be fair, know that those few super brave heroes who appear on camera are going to have much higher odds. You can show in-game footage and use your real voice to speak as your character (feel free to change it with audio editing software) if you do not want to appear on camera. But it must be a YouTube Video.

Please continue to discuss the contest in the discussion thread! Good luck everyone!!

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