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Hero Smash

About HeroSmash


BETA Testing is about to begin!

All players will be able to play during the BETA Testing Phase. A lot of new things will be added and the game will officially be "Launched"



Join in the final and ULTIMATE alpha test of HeroSmash. If you have ever upgraded in ANY Artix Entertainment game (AQworlds, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel, and the original AdventureQuest), you can log in and participate in the HeroSmash Alpha Test! In addition to getting recognition for participating in the ALPHA you will also be the first to collect rare items from the alpha while helping us smash bugs.


Alpha testing


What is an Alpha Test?

It is the FIRST test! Not normally intended for players to see, it is a prototype of the game -- unstable, chock full of bugs, partial-working features, and terrifying mistakes. Only the bravest players who are interested in helping to test, find bugs, make suggestions, and help build the game should dare participate in the Alpha Test! It is not a complete game -- we will be building it right under your feet.



HeroSmash Upgradees and Coins




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