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March 23, 2011

Mix & Match Powers!

Today, we are releasing the first mix-and-matchable super powers for you to test! Zhoom has been working on this for the past several weeks. This will ultimately allow you to create any type of hero with whatever powers you want!


The 1st round of powers for you to test!

Remember, this is still Alpha -- we are not even sure if this is going to work, LOL! Help us test out the first round of super powers. We will be balancing them and changing them as you play. If you want something changed, please let us know!


  • Brain Freeze -- Smash your opponents with icy power!
  • Lazer Eyes -- Blast monsters with fire from your eyes!
  • Horror -- Strike fear into your enemy's heart with this mental ability!
  • Siphon Life -- Sap some of your enemy's health and give it to yourself!
  • Slice and Dice -- Super-powered slashing FTW!


Good luck! ... and remember test everything as wrong as you can. "With great "alpha" power comes... great irresonsibility!" FOR JUSTICE!


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