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Greetings! This is the official HeroSmash FAQ! We will be updating our FAQ with any questions you have that aren't listed here yet.

If you have ever upgraded in any BattleOn Games (AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel or AQW) OR ever purchased Z-tokens, Dragon Coins, Nova Gems, Varium or AdventureCoins... and you have that account tied to your BattleOn Games Master Account... then you will be able to create a character and claim your HeroSmash name today!

If you are a CURRENT MEMBER of AQWorlds... and have that account tied to your BattleOn Games Master Account... then you will be able to log into HeroSmash and play.

Either Way you will need your Master Account to log into the game (just like EpicDuel). Keep your eyes on That is where you will log in.

Q: How do I Alpha test HeroSmash?

A: All players who have Master Accounts linked to a currently upgraded AQWorlds account are able to help us Alpha test HeroSmash! If you do have an upgraded AQWorlds account but it is not linked to a Master Account yet, please create a Master Account on our Portal Site (hyperlinked).  If you do have a Master Account but do not know how to link it to your upgraded AQWorlds account, or need to unlink your AQWorlds account to another Master Account, please visit our Linking/Unlinking Help Page.

Q: How do I play HeroSmash?

A: The AQWorlds Team is posting a "How To Play" for HeroSmash in the AQWorlds Design Notes, so please check them for more information.

Q: How long will HeroSmash be in the Alpha testing stage?

A: We aren't sure yet, but usually testing stages are anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Please keep checking our HeroSmash site and the Forums for more information.

Q: Why can't I login to test?

A: Either your Master Account is not linked to an upgraded AQWorlds account or the servers may be down. In Alpha testing, we will be taking the servers down regularly (but temporarily!) to update/fix things without any warning. So don't worry if you can't login as an Alpha tester, keep checking the HeroSmash site and the Forums for updates.

Q: Is my Master Account user name going to be the same as my HeroSmash character name?

A: Nope, just for testing! You will have a separate HeroSmash character name eventually as you will be able to create multiple characters.

Q: How do I become SUPER UBER??

A: There are 5 VERY IMPORTANT guidelines you need to follow to be SUPER UBER! They are:

  1. Get a pair of really tight pants... so SUPER tight that they probably are uncomfortable and might even squeak when you walk (don't worry you don't have to walk to be SUPER).
  2. Put your underwear on the outside of your SUPER tight pants (underwear can be any color other than white).
  3. Find a spiffy mask(unless you plan to reveal your identity)
  4. Design the most elaborate and extraneous logo to sew onto your ridiculously long but impressive cape!
  5. Strike a pose that defines your SUPER purpose in life.

Thank you so much for helping us Alpha test and SMASH ON!